Monday, January 12, 2015


Las Vegas had about a half an inch of rain on Sunday. Anyone who has lived here for more than six months knows that is a LOT of rain for the Valley—in fact, it was a new record. All of the rain caused an increase in car accidents. The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that they responded to 143 motor vehicle accidents, which is more than triple the regular amount of accidents in a given day. Of those, NHP says 43 involved injuries.

If you were involved in one of those reported 143 accidents, make sure your legal rights are protected and call Melissa Alessi at Alessi Law. Many times, you do not realize that you were injured until the day after the accident. At Alessi Law, we can help you find a qualified doctor to examine you. Even if you did not report your injuries at the scene of the accident, you need to make sure that you are physically okay.

As the skies clear, please remember to drive safely, especially when it is raining. On the rare days when Las Vegas does manage to get some rain, make sure you are slowing down when you are driving. It takes longer to stop your vehicle in the rain. Also, increase the distance between you and the car, motorcycle, or truck in front of you.

Stay safe out there, but if you were involved in an accident, give Alessi Law a call for your free initial consultation.

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