Saturday, November 14, 2015

Metro Police Back On The Scene

Last year, Metro caused quite the controversy when it was announced that the police were no longer going to respond to non-injury car accidents. This caused confusion and worry for drivers unsure of the procedures they should follow if they did get into a minor motor vehicle accident. This new policy also did not account for the fact that injuries are not immediately felt. Sometimes a person who has been involved in an accident will not feel their injuries until a day or two after the accident. It has been decided by our city officials that Metro needed more funding and should be responding to all traffic accidents.

The Clark County Commission voted to enact the “More Cops” sales tax increase to pay for more police officers to patrol the streets and help deter crime. The increase takes effect January 1, 2016, adding an additional .05% to Clark County’s sales tax. This increases Metro’s annual budget by $14.6 million. Henderson, Boulder City, North Las Vegas and Mesquite are also expected to hire additional police officers. The additional officers will be available in the middle to end of 2016 after they have undergone the training and education programs. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo expects the additional officers to make arrests and be able to start responding to minor traffic accidents again. 

Clark County residents can rest more easily knowing additional police will soon be patrolling our streets. When you are involved in an car collision, Metro police will once again have the manpower to document and report the car accidents. This report can help with your rights in a lawsuit. In the meantime, keep staying safe out there!  If you are involved in an accident, contact Alessi Law for your free consultation. We can help take the worry and confusion out of every accident. 

Information from Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun

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